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I am trying to clean up some of the existing wiring in my garage. I would like to install one exterior light and 1 interior light. I have only 1 source of power coming into the garage from the electrical panel.

I would prefer to have 2 light switches. 1 going directly to the exterior light and 1 going to an interior outlet, which my fluorescent light will plug in.

Does anyone have any diagrams or explanation (in layman's terms) to help me do this correctly and safely? I consider myself to be capable with tools. I just don't have the "know how" when it comes to home electrical work.

Thanks in advance. -Mark

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You may want to read Wiring Simplified to get some basic wiring concepts to help in your project.

You say you have one source of power. Is it a panel or a single circuit?

Basically the power would be split with two pigtails to feed the switches if this is a single circuit.
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