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How do I verify I have a broken drain pipe.

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Our kitchen sink and washer share a drain that connects to the main drain under the concrete slab. Perodically the washer backs up in the kitchen sink. We've had plumbers out every 6 months (we've owned the house about 18 months) and they auger the drain then it works ok for about 6 months. This time, the plumber told us his auger couldn't break through so we must have a broken pipe under the slab. (He charged us $187 to tell us this) His solution is to install a pump and pump the kitchen and washer drainage to hook up to the upstairs drain. His estimate is $2850. Does this sound correct?. Is there a way of verifying the pipe is actually broken? Thanks in advance for you input.
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Hire a plumber that has a camera that can be fed down through a clean out.
How old is this house.
That would give us an idea on what type was used.
Mine was all done in steel pipe, all the supplys and the drains.
All of then had rusted out and had to be replaced.
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