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How do I tie a new switch into existing box?

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I have an electric box above my kitchen sink for a pendant light (left switch on top), garbage disposal (left switch on bottom), and now I'd like to tie in undercabinet lighting (right switch not yet installed).

Here is the new switch I'd like to tie in on the right. It will run to my AC dimmer-compatible transformer for my lights:

And here are the right and left sides of my existing left switch.

If I tie in my transformer directly to the left side of the existing switch, and the neutral to the other whites, it lights up fine. I'm just not sure how to wire it in using the dimmer.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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The green wire goes to the bare ground.
The incoming power is the black wire on the left. As to the connections to the dimmer that depends on what the directions say. Can you post a link to them online. I don't know why it has three wires other than the ground without the directions.
There are a number of different models of that Lumea dimmer. IF it is the one that can be used either as a single pole or 3 way, the black is line hot, red is power out, red/white stripe is capped for single pole use. Green is ground.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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