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I'd run a horizontal string line, but I'm replacing/repairing what's left of a brick foundation that supported a load bearing wall. Part of the wall still remains in between all the areas I've dug for piers.

The intention is to replace the wall with a header. I have consulted a structural engineer, but since this house was built in 1905... I'm worried that things aren't exactly square or plumb anymore.

I was thinking of using a plumb line for each of the piers from the very top (where the header would actually be)... then drill or cut a hole to let the line hang down to the crawlspace and over each of the piers.

That way.. even if some of the walls have eeked one way or another over the years at least I know my supports will be in the correct place.

Oh... don't worry about the flooring the room is getting a complete gut/remodel.

is there a smarter way to do this? Or, am I on the right track?

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