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How do I reschedule water softener regenerating

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I have a Water Pro Water conditioner. Its about 10 years old. It is scheduled to regenerate at the worst time, 1 AM at night. Its so loud that it wakes everybody up in the house. I have tried fiddling with all the buttons, and I havent been able to figure out how to reschedule the regeneration cycle. Is this something that has to be done by a professional?

The visible buttons are (in order): Change, Select, Display, and Regenerate.

Holding down Change or Select does nothing. Pushing Display just says "Customer setting". And holding down Regenerate causes it to do a manual regeneration.
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Post a picture of the face of the control valve or, describe it, or search for softeners and find one that has the same brand/model of control valve and find out the brand/model name.

Usually there is a way to change the time of regeneration but not always and you have to lie about what time it is but, you do not want to be using water when a softener is in regeneration because you get raw water past the softener if you use water then. So maybe insulating the ceiling over the unit or the pipes etc. to make it less noisy is a possibility. Or maybe your water pressure is too high and that causes the noise.
That is a very proprietary control valve based on a modified Fleck valve. I don't know that you will find anyone that will work on it but that company's dealer because they probably can't get parts for it if regular Fleck 5600 or 2510 parts won't fit.
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