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How do I reschedule water softener regenerating

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I have a Water Pro Water conditioner. Its about 10 years old. It is scheduled to regenerate at the worst time, 1 AM at night. Its so loud that it wakes everybody up in the house. I have tried fiddling with all the buttons, and I havent been able to figure out how to reschedule the regeneration cycle. Is this something that has to be done by a professional?

The visible buttons are (in order): Change, Select, Display, and Regenerate.

Holding down Change or Select does nothing. Pushing Display just says "Customer setting". And holding down Regenerate causes it to do a manual regeneration.
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Thats a totally worthless link, has nothing to do with my problem. That link is for water coolers.

I already have done alot of googling and found nothing. Thats why I am posting here.

Any water softener experts out there?

Here is a picture, its not real clear. The glare is hiding the 4 buttons. Manufacturer is Water Pro Water Conditioner. I looked all over the unit and saw no clock controls.
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Is there any reason you haven't just called the manufacturer and asked them instead of trying in vain to figure it out on google?
You know, if you dont want to provide helpful advice, dont even post a reply.

For the record, I contacted the manufacturer last week, it was not at all helpful. They just told me to contact an authorized reseller/servicer in my area.

The purpose of this forum is to Do It Yourself, and I wanted to see if anybody had experience with this system. Smart alec responses arent helpful. I guess I will contact a serviceman for what should be a very simple adjustment.

To those that have provided helpful tips, thank you.
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