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How do I replace damaged siding in the middle of the wall?

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I think I can do it and it should not be too hard.

The siding has a couple holes in the middle of the wall. I figure to remove old pieces of siding and cut new ones to length.

In order to put new pieces up so that they are firmly in place I plan to mark a line along the top edge of the old piece before I remove it. Then I will position the new piece on the line and nail in place.

To get the old pieces, that are above the new pieces, to lock in place, is it adequete to just tug on the edge by hand and snap it over the top of the new piece. Or is it required that I buy one of those tools for that purpose?

Is my plan good or is there a better way?

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Are you talking vinyl, wood, hardiplank, etc?

If it is vinyl, then just snap the pieces out, cut lengths to match, and reinstall leaving the nails loose as you should see when you remove the panels.

To snap them out and back in, use a hooked tool (the right ones are pretty cheap at most Home improvement stores) under the bottom edge of a siding piece. You can find the bottom of a piece by checking at one of the vertical seams.
It is vinyle. What is the best way to cut it...just a box cutter?
Use what is called a zipper tool to release the lock on the bottom and put the final one back on.
Cut it with tin snips.

A zipper tool

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It is vinyle. What is the best way to cut it...just a box cutter?
Tin snips.


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