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How do I remove an old gas grill?

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I saw someone else had the same question...does anyone know how to go about removing a free standing gas grill. Previous owners had it installed and it hasn't been used in years. It too is in a bad location. If it's more than my husband and I can manage, who should I call? About how much would it cost?
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Is this unit inside or outside?

is it connected to a gas line?
Need more info
Is it a brick or rock structure?
What exactly do you need removed?
sorry i didn't give enough info....the grill is outside on our patio (we live in a condo) and the gas line comes from the building, under the cement, and up to the grill. It's an old grill that just has a skinny post that it stands on, kind of like the ones you see at camp grounds or parks. I want to take the whole thing out because it is taking up valuable space on our patio. i hope that helps so my question can be answered. Thanks!
Not sure where you are located
But you may need a plumber to come out & do the gas disconnect
Not sure how much that could cost as prices vary widely by area
First you will need to find out where the gas line connects to the main line, hopefully the installer put a valve there. If so you can close the valve and then cap the valve. If there is no valve then you will have to shut off the gas to the house and then remove and cap/plug. Be sure to check with local gas service before turn off the whole house. Some gas companies are pretty strick about the home owner closing the valve.

Once gas is remover you can remove and fill the hole with cement
Thanks so much for the quick replies!!! I think I'll take the easier route and call a plumber. Gas makes me nervous! Thanks again!
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