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How do I rehab my lawn?

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I’m looking for an affordable way to rehab my lawn. In Tampa Fl.

Been told by a couple of lawn service companies that my grass is wildgrass and weeds. In doing research it seems plugs are cheaper but take longer to spread and take over, but sod is expensive. I watched some vids and a guy mentioned overseeding the lawn so newer grass comes in and takes over.

I believe the process was mow, thatch, aerate, then seed and fertilize. The person did this in the fall. Could this work for me?

The guy had patchy damaged grass not weeds and wild grass like I do, but i thought if I weed kill later (end of summer/fall) then try this process in the fall maybe my lawn can get back to having grass.

I truly don’t want to spend thousands trying to fix this. Id rather put that money towards mulch and rocks and flowers.

Could this work? Any other affordable options?

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I've lived in FL since the 60s. Have yet to see when dethatching accomplished anything.
Get a a tiller, a mower, and a wheelbarrow. Find a City water treatment plant where you can get treated effluent for little or no $. Find & mark utilitys route, especially TV Cable and old irrigation pipes.
Mow the lawn/weeds down as low as practical. Till the entire lot to 4"-6" or so, no need to go deeper. Watch for utilities, see above. Spread effluent over all bring up grade and low spots. Smooth and possibly roll. Seed or plug. Water diligently.
No you won't have any aroma of the stuff is treated properly. No effluent, then top soil. You should be able to get a small load east of you at the strawberry fields.
Jump on weeds as soon as you see them. If you get effluent, you'll get tomatoes. Pull them up and discard.
Thanks for the reply. My hope was to NOT remove all the greenery while trying to repair the lawn. Is that possible?

The vid I saw seemed to "add" grass to make it more thick and evenly spread out. I was hoping I would be able to add grass while removing the weeds and eventually removing the wild grass (and having the new grass take over).

Although I have weeds and wild grass, my lawn is still green. I was hoping to keep it green while transitioning. My basic understanding is tilling will remove everything. Correct?

Also what is "rolling"?

Anyway, thanks again.
Rolling is towing a HEAVY roller over your lawn to flatten and "even" the sod.
The idea of "Over-seeding", I think that's what your referring to is 2 - one your putting down more seed on an established lawn, and two your putting down (much) more seed than usual.
People seem to talk about both without realizing it.
Find your local Agricultural Extension Service, every county has one, and get a soil sample kit. Then go buy their recommendation for additives to your soil.
Then - tell you the secret, WATER!. Water regularly and well.
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