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How do I fix these??

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So no one is coming out cause of COVID and I need to do this. I already have the paint for the areas (3 windows like this).

My plan is to clean the surface after scraping with a putty knife to remove chipping/old paint...I'll be cleaning with water + soap.....each window (theres 3). Then I need to "fill in" the missing wood...this is where I hit a stump. The thing that worries me is the wood at the bottom pulling away...I bought a wood filler tub thats paintable..but the crack seems rather narrow...I don't think Zip Loc will work to get wood filler in the gap. What to do what to do? I do have to paint the whole square area around the window....I was thinking of exterior caulk...or even normal caulk...but then again it paintable? What if it shrinks??? etc.
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Picture's not working for me.
Opps got it to come up on the third try.
If it was mine I'd be getting rid of all that old wood and replacing with new PVC lumber and never having to deal with it again.

Trying to do something with existing structure. No authorization where I live for that kind of job believe it or not.
Hey guys...

so it seems the 3rd window has a THIN piece of wood thats painted NAILED to the sides of the window (running up and down). Looks like a long plank....but its super thin. I pulled some off (came off easy) and it seems like theres a bit of wood behind it....and then there's a big piece of wood it was nailed to behind it of the same color. I don't believe it's the actual wood...feels almost like paper backed by wood?

On the 3rd window, this faux-wood plank (almost like paper) seperated from the WOOD BEHIND it to which it was nailed.

Anyone know what on earth this is called? Seems my job got 10x harder :crying:
Please see this...this thing seems to be seperated from the nails in the 3rd window...pictured is the 1st window and you can even see some screws coming out of it.

Has paper-like depth...doesn't seem to be a thick piece of wood at all....strange

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Just an update...seems that thing I'm mentioning is actually a big block of wood going all the way around the window - and nailed at various spots. It only LOOKED like a panel of "thin paper like wood" because it seems wood is seperating in layers.....The first window has some of that thin paper like wood...but it seems like its 1 solid mass still...the 3rd window is worse. I will try my best to wood fill and caulk seams with Big Stretch and pray to god it works...or is at least a temporary fix...I notice no rotting wood or mold there's that at least...
I noticed that in the pics you posted yesterday. Looks like plywood to me. Hopefully it's not.

Seems like it's a bigger solid block of wood all around - not plywood which seems thinner.

Not sure how I'll tackle this. A simple paint job became a lot more x_x. Apparently it looks like wood veneer (the surface texture of those panels is smooth - like paper). Underneath - its wood 100%. Hard to describe but it feels smooth.

Can't glue it I think because its lifted and pushing it in may just lead to more cracking over time....and nailing wont do anything....
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