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How do I fix these??

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So no one is coming out cause of COVID and I need to do this. I already have the paint for the areas (3 windows like this).

My plan is to clean the surface after scraping with a putty knife to remove chipping/old paint...I'll be cleaning with water + soap.....each window (theres 3). Then I need to "fill in" the missing wood...this is where I hit a stump. The thing that worries me is the wood at the bottom pulling away...I bought a wood filler tub thats paintable..but the crack seems rather narrow...I don't think Zip Loc will work to get wood filler in the gap. What to do what to do? I do have to paint the whole square area around the window....I was thinking of exterior caulk...or even normal caulk...but then again it paintable? What if it shrinks??? etc.
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All painters caulk can be used outside. Use something elastomeric at the least. Big Stretch is a common choice found nearly anywhere. There are heavy duty caulks available, but are difficult to use, and are solvent based, so I generally avoid them.

Also, even though it would look better, I dont caulk right underneath window skirtboards, in case in water gets in and needs to escape. The top of the window header though, you should make sure you caulk the crap out of. They can be overlooked sometimes, and its very important.
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Honestly, it looks like they forgot to put the actual siding up right there.
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