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How do i do this on puter?

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I am trying to find the software program that lets me draw the framing for walls out like this. Does anyone know the name of it?


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I spent some time over the weekend doing just that on a shed for my sister. I like it, it allows me to built it with out breaking a sweat lol.

I love the program, its fun to play around with on top of being very usefull.
Your best bet is to go utube and watch a few vids on its basic use and what the tools do. IMO this is not a tool you can load on your PC and start drawing right away. I am almost positive what takes me a hours to create can be done in minutes by some of the folks on this site.

just like anything, the more you use it the easier and faster you get.

Polecat hit the nail on the head there. I struggled at first with it and then realized i need to make groups. I am having a much easier time now working on the shed than i did on my first project...i started with drawing the house i live in.

Layers, whats a layer lol. Looks like i need to read about them. I think my drawings are rather simple so i am not sure layers are needed...i will have to read about them.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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