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Hi all -- first time in this forum -- usually post in Electrical or Plumbing -- and everyone helps me so much there -- I figured you guys would be no different.


So I included a pic of the "tree" I saw off -- the roots ran in a few directions that I think I got to the bottom of.

But as you can see -- 1 of them runs under the concrete - another was the main root and I am hoping I don't have to do more -- because it is DEEP in there.

Wondering -- once I cover it with dirt and rocks again -- will it die or just re-sprout?

And If I chop the other one off as close to the concrete as possible -- same questions.

I don't really want to use any chemicals since it's so close to the pool -- but am willing to do so sparingly if I need to.

Thanks in advance!


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If you are talking about the green foliage in images #1 &#3, they are two different trees. Look at the outline of the leaves.The first looks like a vine, but it could be the way it's draped.

Different trees have different root growth. It is possible to look up the estimated root depth, if the tree is identified.

See pg. 8 & 16.

Another link said 18" root vertical growth but I lost it.
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