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How close to a gas water heater can i build shelves?

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I'd like to utilize some of the dead space on that side of the basement. How close do you think I can build them to the gas water heater? Or am I just being paranoid?
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There should be a sticker on your water heater stating the clearances from combustibles. If not, refer to your area's gas code. The Canadian Gas Code is 2" for any under-fired storage-type water heater(traditional type of water heater), and 6" for any other type of water heater. Also, you'll need a minimum of 24" of clearance "to any side, top, or bottom where service could be necessary" except if the rating plate states otherwise, or more space is needed to perform any needed removal, replacement or repair.
Thanks ill look for a label. It's ancient so I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Go online to the mfg site....they usually have that info there.....

Think mine says 1" to combustionalbles.....and if it doesn't can get right next to it.

What ever you do...put a wall up between those shelves and the water heater....other wise 'stuff' will fall down behind the heater....

And don't forget....a slab of 5/8" Type X drywall makes a great least the cover for it...
Well... No instructions on the heater. It was manufactured in 1969 and the company is out of business - probably because everyone only bought one!

Anyways, the standard around here seems to be 1"!!!! That seems like so little, but oh well. The joist I would like to anchor it at puts it 13" from the heater with nothing on any other sides so it looks like I'm good. None of the controls or connections are on this side.

I will definitely cover the side towards the heater with the extra drywall I have laying around too.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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