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bits for concrete often have a carbide "chip" in the end, this chip or chips is the widest part of the bit, and the flutes have a hi-low pattern, like a tapcon screw. wood bits often have a tight spiral on the very tip, and a wide flute pattern that starts tight and gets wider. steel bits usually have a split tip, with a consistent flute from end to end.

these are general guidelines, but there are many exceptions. it is easy to figure out as you get used to it

the basic guideline for sawblades is the more teeth per inch, the harder the material it is meant for.
think of the coarse teeth on a hand crosscut saw meant for wood, versus the hundreds of fine little teeth on a hacksaw blade used on steel. Plenty of exceptions, but this is a good rule to start with
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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