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How can I tell when this water heater was installed?

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How can I find out when this water heater was installed? I have the model number, serial number, ect.

I've contacted the manufacturer and am hoping for a reply. Is there another way to find out? I've found nothing on the outside of the tank that indicates when it was installed.
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Then post the model number, serial number ect.... Brand
Bradford White
Model # M450S6EN12
Serial # zf3282781
dash no # -394

Its a 40 gal standard gas water heater.
Great. How can you tell this?
The#s after the M/ 4 is month,5 is day.0 is year,the rest are run #s.
'69 Mach I :thumbsup: I had a '70 same color combo, sold it and bought a '67 Goat.
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