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How can I refinish my hardwood floors.

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My hardwood floor is probably maple wood and I believe it had a polyurethane finish. I applied paste wax and orange glo refinisher on the floor (polyurethane + paste wax = NO good) and now my floors have a residue on it. I took a scrub pad and used windex to scrub it and now the floor is smooth but dull looking. When I look at it straight down, it looks like there is a white haze. I'm not sure is the finish still there or the wax is still there. If I leave the floor like that, over time, a black residue will accumulate and I will have to scrub the floor all over again. To remove that residue, I will have to scrub the floor again. So right now, I finish scrubbing my floor and I'm thinking about apply a coat of polyurethane on top of it right now, but I'm not sure about the outcome.
What can I do?
Is there still wax on my floor?
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Hire a professional to screen and recoat your floor. He will know how to fix the problem.
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