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How can I freshen up an Exterior Dbl door ?

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I have a double door exterior entry door at home.. I cant afford new doors but I want some curb appeal :yes:

My present doors have been painted flat white with no glass panels (solid). Just a small peep hole.. :(

Are there options out there ? Cost is a factor

Thanks In Advance
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you can order replacement glass and trim kit from your local lumber yard or big box store, and cut in the opening in the door with a jig saw. its a good project may take a few hours but the results will give you lots of lite.

replacement glass with a trim kit from thermatru is like $50 i believe the size is 26x32 , 9 lite pattern trim kit.

then paint the door a color and semi gloss !:thumbsup:
THanks "five star" that's just the info I needed.. Will thermatru have templates that i folow for the cutting ?
your welcome,
you can make your own template from card board, when you get the glass and trim kit you like, just split it in half and you will see that there is alot of leeway for the cut. good luck
or if you want to go even for less, you could just add on Panel molding. Very easy and a thousand choices to chose from. They also come in plastic or PVC for exterior use. A little glue, some brads and a few cuts and done. New doors !


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I thing I'll just got with the doors panels and some fresh semi gloss paint !
Thaks All

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