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How can I build and attach a brick cap?

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Lets see if I can describe this.... I have built 4 brick pillars that I will fill with concrete. On the top of the pillars I am going to put 4 brick blocks (about 4" cube) placed just inset of the corners. I want to build a 2-course tall brick cap to put on top of my 4 blocks (so there is a gap between the pillar and the cap.

Not sure the best way to build the cap and attach to the 4 blocks.

I am going to put wood inserts between the blocks so I could put more blocks in the middle to support it

I can run rebar up the pillar next to the 4blocks if that would help. I thought about welding a sheet of heavy mesh to the top of the rebar and set it just on top of the blocks and building my cap on that.

But I'm sure someone out there has a better way!
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Anyone else having trouble trying to picture this?
Most often I see a soild cap block on top that's larger then the coloum then it gets added onto.
This is not a traditional cap.

Let me use numbers:

The column is 26"x26"
It will be filled with concrete so it is flat on top

I am putting 4 blocks at the corners. They will be 4"x4"x4"

I am putting decorative wood between the blocks. The pieces are 4" high by 18" long.

I want to put a 26"x26" cap on top, resting on the blocks. The cap will be of brick and 2 courses high.

Does that help?
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Commonly, you see a stone or poured concrete cap.

I have just used limestone caps in the past.

I don't like the idea of laying brick on top of wood, if I am reading correctly. Why do you want to put wood in this thing?
I know there are traditional caps. I know there are usual ways. I just came up with a different design that I'm trying to figure out the best way to make.

It's not sitting on wood - it will sit on the blocks and the wood is just decoration that I will affix between the blocks as a final step.

So let me try to describe this another way:

Take 4 blocks and place them in a square so they make a 20" x 20" square (along the outside)

Then make a 26"x26" square of bricks.

Now pick up the 26"x26" block o' bricks and set it on top of the 4 blocks you have arranged on the ground. This is what I am essentially doing with my pillars.

But I Don't know the best way to do it.
How do I build my 26" block o' bricks so it stays together?

And how do I affix it to the 4 blocks it will rest on??

Thanks for the patience and help - its hard to describe and a little unconventional so it makes it difficult
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Short of a skyhook or goony feather, you are going to need some iron.

I think you mentioned you want two courses of brick on top.

I would make some precast concrete cap as thick as the first course, then lay brick on top of it.

I would point out that any horizontal application of brick is not ideal. You are going to have a flat surface full of mortar joints just waiting to suck up moisture.

If you want to put some lights in the hollow area, maybe you can use some glass blocks around the perimeter instead of leaving it hollow.
Ah interesting... Didn't think about moisture. I will seal the horizontal surfaces

I looked up the two suggestions and assume it was humor that went over my head.

But I do think you understand what I'm doing. Since the wood inserts (decorative) will hide the hollow inside part between the 4 blocks, I think I might make the middle solid so the cap is resting on a large surface.
In fact, I probably could build it nearly completely solid and just build the cap on top.

I wanted lights at one point and the glass block idea is perfect but I think I'll pass for now.
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