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How are wall studs attached to the sole plate?

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How are wall studs attached to the sole plate at the bottom of the wall? It looks awkward, the only way I can see is either with plates or by driving in nails at a 45 degree angle . From what I can see in constructions sites there arent too many plates down there .

It seems like a critical place in the frame , a couple of nails at 45 degrees doesnt seem right.
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The weakest attachment is driving from the bottom. Toenailing is actually very strong. You can stand a toenailed wall up even in a moderate wind and it will stand by itself. You cannot do this with a wall that has been nailed to the plate first and then stood up. You'd be surprised how hard those toenails come out. On another note, in some areas special tie downs and strapping is needed to withstand hurricane force winds.
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