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house wrap or foam baker board first.

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we pulled off the siding for replacement (steel siding) and replaced our windows with new construction windows and flashed them like tyvec showed, My question....mabe too late, is we used house wrap over cedar siding that ties into the window flashing, but shouldnt steel siding have a backer board, behind it (Styrofoam) and is that O.K. to put OVER the guardian guard house wrap? Man if this is screwed up, Im in real trouble.:( Also I just read that a foil type wrap is good for steel due to heat and cold transference????
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If I read correctly, you are installing new siding over old cedar siding??? That is a bad start IMHO. The old siding should be removed before anything else is done, including the windows. And you need to be careful what type, if any, foam you add to the outside. If it will not let moisture pass from the inside out, you will be trapping moisture in the wall cavity, NOT GOOD. Often, what you install may depend on your climate. Check local code.
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