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House Wrap for Pole Barn Double Bubble?

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Guys researching these products for the purpose of eliminating condensation on bottom side of metal roof. Having a pole barn built that will also have 1000 sq ft living space and about 1200 sq ft of shop space. Framing will consist of trusses which will be open space in shop area but living space will have a ceiling below the trusses. My concerns is on interior side of the metal roof is condensation, which during summer months outdoor temps runs normal 90-100* days. I just don't want condensation. The contractor wants to install double bubble wrap under the metal roof,but that is one heck of an expense. So I was wondering if this double bubble wrap is worth the cost. I have seen other pole barns that has a vinyl insulation wrap on underside of the metal roof but that bldg is several yrs old so maybe its old technology. The build is in east tx where its hot and humid during most of the yr. Open for suggestions.
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