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House Temperature Drops Unexpectedly

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The heater is on but the programmable thermostat keeps showing that the temperature in the house is dropping gradually (without assistance). For example, I set and hold the temp to 68. It reaches it and stays there for a few hrs (sometimes 1 or 2 days). Then, the temp begins to drop slowly. The only thing that I've found as a temporary fix is to take the thermostat off the wall for a few seconds, and then reconnect it. This typically works, but only for a short period of time (a day or 2). Note: when I reconnect it, there's typically a mild burning smell coming through the registers (as if it's the first time it's been turned on for the season. Also, I've changed the air filter thinking that it wasn't allowing enough air to pass through, but that didn't help long term.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!
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Might want to share what type heater it is, make and model also helps.
The furnace is locking out and when you take off stat or shutting it off you are resetting it. You need go to the furnace and watch the system in cycle. What kind of unit u have and make?
You need to provide some information, for goodness sake. This is like saying to a mechanic "My cars broke, fix it"

Cmon man give us a break!!!! :whistling2:
I have sort ot the same problem. our carrier furnace runs fine during the day. once we go to bed however, it goes in to what i call "three minute mode" it winds when heat is called for, ignitors glow, gas flows, burns for a very short time then blower kicks on and flames go out. (code 34). it does this for hours. wasting gas and electricity attempting to, but never hitting code 14. but during the day we sometimes turn the thermostat down because it gets too hot. its almost as if our property owners are throtling our gas as we sleep.
its a cold windy night in iowa. can anyone offer help?
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