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Learning more about the house we bought and moved into a few months ago. I noticed there is a few spots between the siding (Hardie board siding) there are gaps. They all seem to be around the garage door. The house was built 5 years ago.

Do I need to worry about this and get something done? If so, what?

Once again, thanks all.


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A few years ago they were sealing that crack but in the last few years they leave it open and just put an extra piece of house wrap behind the joint to make sure the water doesn't get behind it. So if you can see wrap in the gap, you would be good.
In this picture, you can see the paper he has behind the joins on the wall.

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What he said is your best fix

If it's colorplus we try to use tins that closely match the color. If not then it's up to the painters. As long as they used bearskins or tins or some even just use underlayment scraps then yes, it is done correctly. Maybe a little wide of a gap but they are not intended to be caulked anymore.
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