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Hot Water Problem

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The other day my kitchen faucet stopped giving hot water. Cold water works fine and hot water works everywhere else in the house. The faucet is an old single handle type. In fact its a rental house and all plumbing is likely old.
When i try to use the hot water from kitchen sink or the dishwasher, a really loud buzzing sound happens and in the case if the dishwasher, the dishwasher shuts off.
Does anyone know some basic troubleshooting i can attempt?
if the line is clogged, what is the best way to flush it?

Thank you in advance to anyone who replies!
im very inexperienced when it comes to plumbing
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Armed with fresh confidence and intelligent advice (thank you) i started in @ taking the piping /tubing apart. I found a floodsafe hose connecting the copper piping from the faucet to the larger copper piping at the vlave. I disconnected the hose ran water through it blew air through it. Then ran a couple of gallons of water out from intake, some gunky looking stufff came out, not much. Then I put it back together. It now works!!!
The dishwasher has a plastic accordian type hose going to the dispose-all and a flexible (ins. rubber?) hose going to the intake
Im running the DW now and no problems yet, i can only assume it is a water pressure loss shut-off type that you were describing.
However problem is solved and now i know what to do in the future.
Thanks again
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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