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Hot Water Plumbing Problems

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Hey there.
So we have an old home (1902) that is 3 stories.
We currently have a tenant in our ground floor apartment. She just informed me that she is unable to get the hot water to come out of the bathroom sink tap.
She could let it run and run and it will not get hot at the sink tap.
Her kitchen sink tap works fine.
Our kitchen sink tap works fine.
Our 3rd floor bathroom sink gets hot pretty quickly but
our 2nd floor bathroom sink tap has the same problem that out tenant does...
Our 2nd floor bathroom sink hot water has NEVER gotten hot (unless I take a shower in there beforehand) and we've just learned to live with it, since our primary bathroom is on the 3rd floor...
Anyway, this is a new problem ( we think) for our ground floor bathroom sink as our previous two tenants never mentioned it.

We have a tank (blech) water heater 80 gal on the ground level of the house, so her bathroom is actually the closest to the source of hot water.

We can't figure this out.

Any ideas oh plumbing gifted folks out there? Thanks!
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Ayuh,... Is it a single handled faucet,..?? If So,... Change the cartridge,... It's stuck on the Cold side...
It sounds like a progressive problem...i.e. it seems to be getting worse as time goes by, either that or your tennant never mentioned it before. Seems to be a question of getting hot water to all the faucets continuously...It also seems to be happening at various locations - not just one fixture.

So my question is where are you? do you have hard water? is the 80 gall tank original? have you had the anode rod checked recently?
Another possible you have old obsolete galvanized supply pipes? Those build up internal scale over time until the line eventually plugs completely up. The only solution is to replace the lines.
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