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Hot water keeps running

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I want to change the hookups to the washing machine in basement. The shutoff valve is not working so I turned off the main water supply. The water is now shut off to all the upstairs sinks and the cold water in the basement. However, the hot water faucet in the basement stationary tubs just keeps running. I shut off the valve to the hot water tank, at least I think it is off unless that is not working either.

Any help as to why the hot water keeps running will be appreciated.


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It will usually take a while to drain the pipes from an upper level.. If the upper level hot water isn't flowing .. Then it's just draining to the lower level. If it doean't stop .. Your valve at the w.h inlet isn't off
If the main is shut off then all water, both hot and cold is off. It is possible that a gate valve wont close completely and allows a small amount of water through. This slight flow may not be enough to allow water to reach upper floors while a faucet below is open. Keep the faucet in the basement open to allow drainage and be sure you have a faucet above open to allow air into the system. Sometimes it takes awhile for everything to drain down.
hot water keeps running

Thanks for the comments.

I did not realize that the hot water tank had a recirculating pump. Once that valve was turned off the water stopped running.

Thanks again.

aaahhhh yes the old circulating pump trick. To be honest that never even crossed my mind. Eventually it would have stopped...cant circulate water that has run out of the faucet....but we dont want to burn up a pump or anything. lol

good job!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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