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Hot Water Heater

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I currently have 2 hat water heaters located in 2 separate places in the house. 1 electric and the other is propane ( that use to be solar). The propane tank has been removed because it is located outside right next to a bedroom window, a very dumb location. Now we do not have hot water to the 2 back bathrooms and have considered just using the one and just getting a larger unit. How difficult will it be to tie in the plumbing?
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Hard is only if you are on a slab and did not have crawlspace or a basement.
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You could always tie in within a inner wall with PEX. That would mean cutting into drywall to pull the tubing between, to act as a jumper.
Depending on your climate, you may also be able to go through the attic with some insulation and potentially some heat trace.

Even with heat trace, if you live in a climate that is susceptible to freezing, you're better off keeping all water connections within the heated part of the house.
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