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hot water heater blanket

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been a while since this was made a topic.

my hwh is about 8 years old, and looks to be in very good condition. 50gl i think.
it is in the basement, 60deg right now. but it may get colder as winter moves in. we moved in just after last winter, so i have no experience with this basement in winter.last night i check it with my temp gun. it was about 73 towards the top, and got hotter as i went down.
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gas or electric? gas you need to be careful not to insulate near the pilot light or flue.

make/model? Manual should tell you if recommended or not.

do you have access to the HW pipes coming out? insulating them will help, again being aware of recommendations on your model of WH.
richmond, gas, 50gl, 6y/o. electric pilot. yeah, all of the pipes are accessible .
i put a $10 walmart fiberglass blanket on it several weeks ago.

it does make a difference. the water stays hotter, longer.

WELL worth the money and effort.
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