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I recently moved into a ground floor unit in a ten story apartment complex. From day 1 we had to turn on the bathroom sink to get the shower to stay hot, which wasn't a big deal.

The other morning all the water was cold. I contacted maintenance and they said they had to shut the boiler down (which is on the 10th) floor and that we may have to let the water run for "a pretty long time" before it gets hot.

Two days later, the sinks are putting out near-scalding water. The tub faucet water only gets warm, and as soon as I push the shower button to turn on the shower it starts to cool down until it's ice cold. This doesn't make sense to me, but I've only ever dealt with domestic installations. What could be going on here?

The bath/shower is a single handled mixer.

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If it's a Delta tub/shower control it's an easy adjustment as it might be out of adjustment. Don't even need to shut the water off.

Worst case the water needs to be shut off and the valve pulled and cleaned as mentioned above.
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