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hot water baseboard

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I have an upstate New York 20 + year old home with gas fired/hotwater baseboard fin heating system. Recently, I installed a Baxi direct boiler/water heater.

In re-surfacing the bsaeboard heater covers, I found that a 23' foot run in the office area had one run of 8' with only the 3/4 copper and no fins. A 6' run in the middle has the system as designed with the fins. The rest of the 23' run of 9' has only the 3/4 copper with no fins.

I re-worked the covers and replaced them. As I was doing this, I seem to remember seeing a product that was a sort of 'sleeve' of fins that I would be able to place around the 3/4 copper, similar to a collar.

I have searched locally and asked. No one has anything like this and has never heard of it. Maybe I'm dreaming but thought i'd ask this forum. I've found solutions in the past so, why not again. Any help is appreciated.

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Radiators and fins together have a square footage of heating surface and the boiler size is calculated with that in mind also. A room needs a certain amount of heat/radiator surface and sounds like you have it already. Adding more fins will overheat the room and starve others. The rads are long to look good and fit in for length of pipe/logistical reasons.
Has the room had problems heating?

Sometimes. You can't ell down through the floor to get to another room. So you run casing from one end of the wall to the next, and or around the corner of the room. With only the element that is needed for the room. The rest is just copper pipe.
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