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Hot Tub Foundation

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Hello everyone!
I am getting a hot tub and am building a foundation for it. I need opinions to see if this will work.

I bought (4) 8' treated 2X4 and will use a total of 12 galvanized nails to make a box out of them to sit on top of the ground. Then, I am going to pour pea gravel inside the box (and make it level.) I am going to put treated plywood on top of the pea gravel and the hot tub will sit on top of that. Any reason for this not to work?

Thanks all!
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doesn't the tub manufacturer have support specs for your unit ? if it were me, i wouldn't bother w/the plywood & substitute compactible granular base ( any quarry ),,, pea stone shifts & can't be satisfactorily compacted,,, you've already considered existing soils condition/type & susceptibility to freeze/that, correct ? that's MY opinion :yes:
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