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Hot or cold supply for the dishwasher

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25 years ago all the dishwashers I installed were always hot supply. I asked the boss one day and he said that the real expensive washers have two supply inlets, one for the hot to wash and one for the cold to rinse. Now I am thinking that if the dishwasher has to heat the water from a cold only supply that it is using electricity instead of natural gas. Logically you would think it better hot shortening the cycles and saving power. Now realizing that engineers have better ways of doing things. Such as expensive electronic sensors that detect water temperatures. The cycles are probably done all from water temperature so if hot water is used the whole machine is disabled. What is better hot or cold, and do they still make dual inlet machines? What would happen if you piped hot into a cold only dishwasher?
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never seen a dual inlet dishwasher as far as i know hot wash hot rinse, machines bring up the temp via heating element. change in temperature could damage items put in to the machine to wash.
installed hundreds of dishwashers. never saw a "dual water supply" one. not saying it aint so though. i installed some high dollar ones too. above post sounds dead on right about damage. i would venture to say boss is full of it.
Would your boss by any chance be one of those guys that has seen everything? Is an expert on every subject? Slept at Holiday Inn Express last night?
The boss would get in such a hurry he would jump out of the truck before putting it in park. He almost got dragged to death one morning. Not going to even comment on his workmanship. He would explain the job about a quarter of the way through then just run off. Come back an hour later and just start yelling that is not what he wanted. Then leave again.
Use the hot water connection.

The dishwasher heating element will not heat cold water to proper temperature fast enough during the dishwasher cycle.

It is a good idea to run the hot water faucet from the nearby kitchen sink until the water gets hot prior to starting the dishwasher.
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