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During my rough-in inspection the other day for my plumbing, the inspector and I got to talking about several of them was the difference in preferences in different parts of the country.

During my research on the best method to do a shower pan, It started to look like the preferred method depended on what part of the country you lived in. mop is the preferred method here in S California....but why not the NE?

The inspector said...."It's the temperature". Here, we have mild mop does not do well if it's subjected to continuous freezing weather...tends to crack.....we don't have that issue here....hence, hot mops hold up very well.

So...considering that I can do a hot mop for about half the cost....and it won't get subjected to the real cold temps you NE guys get.....I'm doing hot mop.

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It is a regional thing-----I've never seen a hot mop job----up here membrane under pans are popular along with the Schluter system---on occasion---Hydroban--paint on membranes---

When in Rome-------------

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Hi Dawg,

It really really really depends on what you are "Mopping"

Historically, I think we would be talking about blown asphalt. If you were to

use SBS modified Bitumen, like Ram-Tough 250, we are talking a whole

different animal. Mop grade SBS is made from asphalt flux, which is

basically the cognac at the bottom of the still, and SBS rubber. It is not

blown, or oxidized like regular roofing asphalt. Regardless of the material

used, cracking is caused by poor detailing, nothing else.
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