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Hot air from a/c

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I bought a house in February (had it inspected beforehand), but the first day I try to use the A/C it pushes out hot air. I have a Honeywell thermostat (no wifi) and a Goodman heat pump/air conditioning unit. Any suggestions to fix this? Am I destined to have to contact the HVAC contractor who installed the unit? Thanks!
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Is the outside condensing unit running: compressor and fan?
Is the compressor and condenser fan running or just the fan?
how do I know if both are running? The fan is running.
Should be able to hear the compressor running.
Is the suction line cold?
does it make a different sound than the fan? How do I distinguish?
Compressor is a distinctive sound, kinda hard to miss. Different then the airflow sound of the fan.
Is the suction line cold?
I have two units. One looks like an a/c compressor. It is not running and the lines are not cold. The other unit's fan is running, but in enclosed so I cannot check any lines.
So you have 2 different systems in the house, a packaged unit and a split system?
And the split is not running?
If the compressors running in the split and the lines are warm then it’s likely a low charge issue and you’ll need a tech to look at it.
If the compressors not running we will need to determine why that is.
of course, this would happen on a weekend. . .
May still be able to figure out what’s going on, or at least diagnose if it’s a refrigerant issue or electrical problem.
you said heatpump. (s ?)

could they be running in heating instead of cooling mode - maybe stats were changed incorrectly.
Sounds as if the auxiliary heat may be on while in the cooling mode. I've heard of stranger things.
could be that. good to call a tech and get eveything checked after buying a house.
Stuck reversing valve?
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