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Hose gun stuck

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Hi everyone, my spray gun is attached to my hose and will not unscrew. I think it has rusted on. I have tried WD 40 to no avail. Any suggestions? I would like to keep the hose if possible, but the spray gun I dont need. Thanks!!!
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Post a photo of the coupling.... is it quick detach or threaded, what material brass? etc.
You might be able to grip the hose end with pliers.

Or just cut the hose end off and get a new connector at the hardware store for about three bucks.
:laughing: Wow up too late last night......are we talking garden hose here. The hose end itself should have a stem inside, Wrap it first then grip with vise grips but do not crush it. Then wrap a second grip or water pump pliers on the gun and twist, using wd as a presoak where they meet.
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