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Hopefully my last roof issuse (for this year)!

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Alright gentlemen here we go again. First I want to say big thanks to everyone that chimed in with their input when I got my roof replaced last year. Went up last week and so far everything seems to look good.

Now quick background. we decided to use spray foam for insulation, so we demo'ed the ceilings. That's when I discovered the bathroom fan has no exhaust duct connected to it! Originally I was going to run a 5ft metal pipe through the wall, but upon measuring it's not feasible because the pipe will run right into fascia board for the gutters. So new plan is to run the duct through roof, where you guys come in (again) :)

IN my head it's simple: drill pilot hole through decking and shingle from below. use hole saw to drill the 6in hole. install pipe through the hole and cap it off. My main concern : is there a better type of roof cap I should use? and what's the best way to flash it? should I use new shingles or overlap over existing ones. Thanks!
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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