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Hi all,

I redid pieces of my zoning system a few months ago but we had such a mild winter the furnace barely went on. Now that we're getting towards summer the old problems that I had are reappearing. I was hoping some here may be able to help me out.

The system: Two-story house with a two-zone system. Separate thermostats upstairs and down (Honeywell VisionPRO), Honeywell HZ311 TrueZONE panel, new Trane furnace, and old dampers with the orange Trol-A-Temp motors.

A few months ago, in order to fix the apparently-common problem of air only blowing downstairs I attempted to redo parts of my zoning system. I was told by a professional that he thought my damper motors were bad, so I replaced them. My zoning control board was most definitely dead so I replaced that too. The professional had rewired some things to skip the board while we made up our minds what we wanted to do so I rewired the way I thought it should be, making liberal use of the various installation guides that I have. I thought it looked good at the time.

Now that it's the time of year that we need it the system doesn't appear to be doing anything. I neither see nor hear evidence that the dampers are moving when the thermostat is changed. I went and checked on the board today and noted that it was correctly receiving 24VAC as input. However, when I check the output to the dampers I find that it is always giving out 24VAC to both the open and closed wires - when it should be running, when everything should be off, etc. Always. My understanding is that there should only be 24V across one of those at a time. Did I just get a bad board? Did I wire something wrong? Is my understanding incorrect? Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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