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After 4 years of working fine my thermostate showed simply EE which Honeywell said means fried processor. Covered under warrenty. My HVAC guy replaced it. 12 hours after that it simply showed:
Upper right: SAT Screen LOCKED number 27 with up/down arrows
Lower right: number 2 with up/down arrows
Lower left: 2044 with up/down arrows.
Bottom row is 6 boxes with left one saying DONE and others blank. None of the buttons or arrows function at all.
Sometime during the night that one went to EE.
My HVAC guy brought a 3rd one and disconnected the wires to heatpump and outdoor temp thinking maybe short there.
Now the 3rd one shows the same thing the second one did above and i suspect in a few hours will go EE on me as well. My HVAC guy is just scratching his head and doesn't know what to look at. Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance.
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