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Honeywell T8195B thermostat timer won't manually adjust

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I have a dual system in my home with Honeywell T8195B thermostats. I probably haven't used my front system in 20 years, and the rear one I use very rarely. When I turned on my heat last night, I noticed the time on the timer was incorrect. I turned the adjusting knob and nothing moved. I did this on the front thermostat and had the same results. The voltage between the C & R terminals is 27.6 vac. I can hear the timer clock click, and the dial does turn on its own, but I can't manually adjust it. Do you have any suggestions to address this issue?
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Hi Barry, I think it's time for a new stat.
That may be true, but if there is a simple fix I'd like to do that, as I rarely use this system. If I can't fix it, what thermostat would you recommend?
Cannot be fixed. Honeywell Focus Pro from HDepot.
Was it ever turned CCW. If so, its done for.
It's never been turned CCW. The one in the front hasn't even been touched in 20 years. Since it still runs, I think I'll just adjust the pins to match the actual time. I'll never look at a thermostat to find out the time. As long as the clock continues to run, I'm OK. I guess that is an advantage to being single; I can be flexible.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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