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Honeywell FocusPro 6000 Thermostats and Trane XR 13

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Sorry for the long post.

I currently have a Trane XF 13 Model 4TWR3036A1000AA that handles two upstairs floors (2 and 3). Each floor has its own thermostat so I assume this means the system also has a damper (since there's only one air handler and one compressor). And by not working I mean no air was coming out of the vents so didn't seem like the fan was turning on. I heard the click and everything from the thermostat but no air (hot or otherwise).

We moved in to the house in April of 2019 so we hadn't used the heat portion on the 3rd floor. Recently I had family over and they were staying in the 3rd floor (it's just a playroom) and I realized that the heat didn't work. Cooling worked over the summer.

Both the 2nd floor and 3rd floors have the same thermostat. They are Honeywell FocusPRO 6000 series (model TH632OU1000). I took both faceplates off and they're wired the same. One odd thing is that each thermostat is wired as "Conventional" but in reality I think I have a heat pump since I get heat (at least on the 2nd floor). I didn't think I should mess with the wiring on either since the 2nd floor unit is working.

I then looked up the manual for the thermostat for the installer options.

The 2nd floor thermostat had the following installer options:

1 = 5 [System Type. 5 = 2 heat/1 cool heat pump w/ aux heat]
2 = 0 [Changeover valve (O/B terminal). 0 = O/B terminal energized in cooling ]
6 = 9 [Stage 2 Heat Cycle Rate. 9 = electric furnaces]
9 = 3 [Stage 1 Compressor Cycle Rate]
12 = 1 [Manual/Auto Changeover. 1 = Auto (Heat/Cool/Auto/Off)]
... Other settings that aren't type specific.

The 3rd floor thermostat was set to:

1 = 0 [System Type. 1 heat/1 cool conventional]
3 = 0 [Fan Control (Heating). 0 = Gas or Oil Furnace].
5 = 5 [Stage 1 Heat Cycle. 5 = Gas or Oil Furnace].
9 = 3 []
12 = 0 [Manual Changeover. Heat/Cool/Off]

Clearly the 3rd floor thermostat was installed incorrectly or maybe got reset to defaults. Anyways, since it was the same thermostat as the 2nd floor, I simply copied the install options from 2nd floor to 3rd floor. However this didn't seem to work. The fan worked this time but the air was still cool.

After a few weeks I went back to see if I could "find" something that would make the heat portion work and I found the following combination:

1 = 7 [System Type 2 heat/1 cool conventional]
3 = 1 [Fan control (heating). Electric furnace thermostat controls heating]
5 = 9 [Stage 1 Heat Cycle Rate. 9 = electric furnace]
6 = 9 [Stage 2 Heat Cycle Rate. 9 = electric furnace]
9 = 3 [Stage 1 Compressor Cycle Rate]
12 = 1 [Manual/Auto Changeover. 1 = Auto (Heat/Cool/Auto/Off)]

I guess I'm trying to understand the differences between current 3rd floor thermostat settings (which seem to work for heat, not sure if they'll work for A/C) and 2nd floor thermostat settings. It seems like I won't get aux heat on 3rd floor (not a big deal) but am a bit worried that it's set to "conventional" instead of heat pump. The wiring on both thermostats look like they're wired as "conventional" so maybe I don't have a clue what I'm talking about.
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