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The picture is at the bottom,,,Sorry

Geeeezzzz,I seen something like that on 3 occasions ALL ending VERY badly.

2 complete roof collapses and 1 that was near,,,,,,What a poor sense of judgment x3

1.Shingle distributer,,,,,if loaded by one.


3.Sub crew if they loaded it.

It would also be a good idea to follow some OSHA regulations for steep slopes too.The roof should be jacked even prior to roof installation.That aluminum ladder does some nasty damage to the gutters but since the tarp is being held on by fasteners that penetrated the gutters I assume that they will be replaced.

I feel the ladder is a bit crooked and does not appear to be tied off.Noone needs to be informed with the result of ladders being that close to windows.

The ladder looks a little short over the gutter line for OSHA regulations.But come June contractors will be finding out the hard way.

You can be an excellent roofer and have an excellent history of never having accidents.On another forum a guy was explaining how he had a really bad couple weeks.All from human error.1st he had some bundles slide off the roof and trash a car which he had to pay for.

2nd he provided everyone with the necessary safety apparatuses to save them from serious injury.He even had the crews sign a letter of acknowledgment knowing that harnesses and walk boards were to be used.The young man fell 2 1/2 stories and passed away.His safety harness was in his truck on site.

People cry and whine about using safety equipment.They say that "It slows me down" well NOT using them will really slow you down.I have seen broken arms,legs and backs and also necks.I helped a guy I didn't even know who fell 1 story and separated his leg from his body.The only thing holding his leg together was tendons.His crew was wrapping duct tape around just below his knee trying to stop the bleeding.I stopped the bleeding with a ratchet strap from my ladder rack.

I have seen first hand what can happen when safety precautions are ignored.When a employee dies or is seriously and permanently injured it affects more than the employee.

It affects the contractor,company,insurance,the crew,the idiot who ignored requirements,the idiots family,the contractors family and the homeowner and they're family.So see alot of people are affected by one stupid and irresponsible act.

It is our responsibility as responsible contractors to train and make sure our crews have access to the updated state of the art safety equipment.

It is YOUR responsibility as homeowners to know your contractors safety actions and awareness.Your property should be protected as well as the people roofing your house.If you ask a contractor about safety and they look at you without an IMMEDIATE response,,,,Have them hit the bricks.

Yes a responsible contractor will be licensed,insured and bonded but he will also have safety awareness.

Most homeowners are more concerned with price,then licensing and then safety if at all.We have done alot of roofs and I have only had a small handful ask about safety protocol.And I am talking thousands of customers and maybe 20 inquiries.

Accidents are unfortunate we can agree on that.And true they can happen even when all accident preventive measures have been followed.But as a homeowner you would feel bad but nothing like you would feel if you had someone fall and break a neck,leg,arm,back or even worse a fatality.

I am in no way blaming or pointing the finger at homeowners but it is your responsibility to make sure you are hiring a competent roofing contractor who is licensed and insured and conforms and abides with OSHA requirements associated with fall protection and complete jobsite safety.

Some issues with this picture IMHPO are;

1. The roof is overloaded.

2. No walkboards along the gutterline to catch those shingles if they fell off the roof.

3. No walkboards are used for anyone attempting to start nailing the side with the ladder.

4.No walkboards for anyone stepping off the ladder as it is obviously a mode of roof access.

5.The rolls of felt laying on top of the chimney.

6.The top rung of the ladder not exceeding enough past the gutter line.

7.The guy on the ground who has no hardhat which is required if anyone is working on the rooftop.And he obviously is dumping a trash can with debris so he is on the ground working around, at or under the eaves.

8.The guy on the roof without a safety harness because the roof pitch is steep which requires safety equipment.

9.Securing the ladder top and bottom.

10.A cluttered area around the roof access from the ladder,, multiple air hoses.

11. The moisture Guard along the gutter line appears to still have the plastic backing which defeats the purpose and idea behind peel and stick not to mention a fall hazard.

Another thing I do is tape the area off with caution tape to keep someone from entering a danger zone.


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