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Home water pressure problem

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Strange problem.

Water pressure in the normal range most all of the time, indicating reducing valve is doing its job.

But then someone takes a shower and like magic, pressure shoots up to like 2x normal (street pressure perhaps), which is relieved only by letting water run from one of the sink faucets.

We *at first* thought it was a reducing valve issue and replaced it, but the problem still exists.


What might be at issue?

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Expansion tank

It is most likely the water heater is building pressure when heating water after you shower. Many communities require backflow preventers causing the pressure to build in your plumbing system. Some regulators even have them built in so you may have one and not know it. To compensate install an expansion tank anywhere it is convent in the cold water side of the system. Just make sure any valve between the water heater and the expansion tank is normally open.

When I moved into my new house several years ago the relief valve on the hot water tank was lifting
Called the plumber and he said due to the back flow preventer on the main it was causing relief valve to pop.
Installed simple little x tank on main line and valve has not popped in 20 years.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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