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I'm redoing my flooring and want to get all of the cable lines, speaker wires and other things coming up through the floor into the wall where they belong. I also want to get more outlets around the TV so I can get rid of plug strip clutter. This is a living room setup, not a dedicated home theater room. TV is a 52" LCD on a tilt/swivel wall mount.

I have a 15 amp circuit that only has one hallway outlet on it right now (recovered from the attic fan I just removed). My 1950s ranch is woefully short on outlets, so I will extend this circuit to:

1. Dual gang box w/ two duplex outlets - left of TV
2. Dual gang w/ two duplex outlets - right of TV
3. Single gang duplex outlet behind TV (about 4' from floor)
3. Single gang duplex outlet in master bedroom (because I'm tired of the floor lamp extension cord in the closet)

This will give me seven duplex outlets on the circuit with good placement to avoid cord clutter. I would also like to keep the double duplex outlets by the TV as low to the floor as possible to keep them out of sight and not interfere with the shelf on the entertainment center. Am I right in believing that there is no minimum height requirement for a living room outlet?

Typical load here will be the floor lamp, TV, cable box, DVD player, HT receiver, and possibly a HTPC. I'm thinking of just moving the PC to a desktop role as I rarely use it.

Low Voltage Stuff:
The rear surround speakers are becoming in-wall. I ordered a pair from Monoprice. Again I'm tired of wires tacked up along the ceiling and might as well do it before I paint. I plan on putting the following in the wall the TV is on:

1. Single duplex with cable coax and Ethernet RJ45
2. Single duplex with banana plugs for rear surround speakers (center and L/R will be sitting on the entertainment center)
3. Single duplex (floor level) with dual HDMI connections, running to...
4. Single duplex (4' high behind TV) with dual HDMI connections - to keep cables hidden.

I would like to keep this all within about a five foot linear space on the wall. Do I need to worry about running Romex too close to HDMI? There will not be any boxes with mixed high and low voltage.

Anything I didn't think about here? Thanks for the advice.
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