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I purchased a foreclosed home (1200 sqft no basement w/crawl) with cash. This home was to be my permanent house.

After the purchase I found that all my HVAC, ELECTRICAL and plumbing (main waste pipe still useable) were not useable due to age and condition (1943). The plaster walls were in poor condition so the thought to "gut" the interior was on my mind.

A family friend (union carpenter) gave me some advice and said things were not too bad and that he could get me back into my house.

I hired him.

No ELECTRICAL or plumbing was done - just a little HVAC tubing (crawl space), windows, siding, 3/4" plywood floor and some 2X4 stud walls. Unfortunately I found out that he didn't pull any permits (not that I'm 100% sure which ones he may have needed) and has failed to remotely finish the job. He stated that he can't come back.

I fired him.

My question is this - how do I move forward. I'm not too happy that I found that no permits were pulled, my interior of my house looks like new construction (no walls, just studs) and I'm worried what the city is going to say or do about the "work" performed when I do have them out to my house.

Are there companies out there that help homeowners like myself put all the pieces back and formulate a plan.

I would really like to sleep in my house again - been too long.

Thanks for your thoughts

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