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Does home heating oil "go bad"? You know, like gasoline. You're not supposed to use old gas because it can 'gum' up, and it also likes to absorb water. Is home heating oil like this too, or is it fine to sit for long periods?

I ask because my new system is an oil burning furnace for heating the home, but a separate electric water heater for hot water. So come spring, my oil burner is going to be sitting idle until fall. Is the oil in the tank going to be ok?

AND another reason I ask is because oil is so cheap right now. If it's fine to sit for a year, I might order a tank full come spring, at below $2/gallon, and just let it sit so next year I'm ready to go with a tank full of cheap oil.

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As long as the whole distribution system for the fuel and the boiler is maintained properly, you should have no issues.

The filters keep any junk getting through to the burners.

Last couple of Winters, my brother ended up using Kerosene. Because there is only one fuel oil distributor where he lives, so they have a price gouge going on.

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Does home heating oil "go bad"? You know, like gasoline.
Nope,.... Fuel oil can sit for decades, 'n still be Good,....

Fuel oil goes "Bad" from algae,...
The black slimy stuff ya find in the fuel filter, is a sign of algae in the tank,...

Treat it with a bio-cide to kill it, just have a spare filter handy, as when treatin' a contaminated tank, there'll be a flood of the junk, rather quickly, til it's gone,....

Then maintain the tank, by keepin' it fairly full, to stop condensation from addin' more water for the algae to live on/ in,...

Treated annually, ya should Never have a problem,....
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