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I had occasion to modify an off the shelf, pre-built base cabinet from HD. When I removed the packaging the first thing I saw was that the single top drawer with Euro-Slides was way out of level. The back of the drawer was down 3-4" from the front. The drawer was not broken, the whole drawer with slides attached was canted down in the back.

Since there was no top yet on the base cabinet, I reached behind the drawer and with a moderate pull was able to swing the whole drawer, with slides, back up to where it was level with the front.

On inspection I found that the section of the Euro-Slide mounted to the cabinet had NO screws. The front end of the slide was built with a flange that clipped over the front cabinet rail under the drawer. The back of the slide was held in by a Friction gizmo against the cabinet back.

During shipping there must have been some bounces, so the drawer slipped. I put fasteners on the back of the slides so it wouldn't slip again like during the nexr California Earthquake or if the owner happened to put anything in that drawer.

Later I modified the drawer by shortning it drastically to accommodate a small vanity sink. When I pulled off the slides mounted to the drawer that's what I did, pulled them off. There were NO screws holding the slide to the drawer. There were screw holes in the slide, but no screws. The slides were held in by flanges in the slide that clipped around the bottom the the drawer sides.

I put new much shorter Euro-Slides on the shorter drawer.
Here is a pic I took of the original drawer slide:



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