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Home building Cost

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I live in central louisiana and i'm trying to figure out what it would cost to build a house like the one below. I am designing my own plans. I want it to be at least 2000 sq ft.I want it to sit off the ground on cement blocks like the second pic. I'm also looking at an open floor plan. I also need to know if an open ceiling is cheaper than a normal closed in ceiling using ceiling tiles.. also I only want one story, 2 bedrooms, a living rm, kitchen, 1 bath plus bath in master bedroom. and a tv room, the second is what I mean about having it high off the grown on cement pillars, also the long porch is a must have.
also would a 2 story like this be more expensive than a 1 story

thanks a bunch

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First the obvious. Yes a 2 story will cost more then a 1 story.
You should really contact contractors in your area, with a detailed plan to get prices. You can have tremendous variations in price for the exact same house built next to one another simply based on finished products. Telling you it will cost between $150-175. a sq ft doesn't really have too much meaning.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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