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HOme AC condesor fan motor 3 to 4 wire

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Replacing condensor fan motor org 3 wire to 4 wire household split AC system.

I am struggling through this and slowly getting it. But I find the picture on the box and wire on motor confusing!

I have a new capacitor rated at 5 mfd same as motor.

If I am reading this right the rotation is CCWLE black to black white to white, I need CWLE black to white and white to black. On the box it looks like this is done with a plug. But the "plug" is not a plug but a big hunk of rubber molded onto the wires.

What do I do here?:help: Jim

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Thanks for the response. The plug looks one piece molded, no seams, it does not look like it pulls apart?

2 brown wires to the capacitor? I thought I just capped the brown and white stripped wire off?

ARGhhhh So I just went and gave what should be a plug a good pull and it comes apart!

Another day in Florida cheating a village in NY out of their idiot : ) Jim
Thanks for the response.

There is no hiding the plug and it is way to long, will be down to the fan first warm day!

Don't go away I am not done yet :biggrin2: Jim
This job has me a bit confused :vs_worry:Would someone be kind enough to check my drawing before I restore power? Jim


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Thank you very much, greatly appreciated. I seemed to stay confused on this one, maybe I am getting too old?

I plugged it in and we got cool air, no smoke, no sparks, life is good.

If you get to SW FL, dinner is on me. Jim
Thats only about 3 hours from me! I'm in the Ft Myers area. Jim
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