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HOme AC condesor fan motor 3 to 4 wire

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Replacing condensor fan motor org 3 wire to 4 wire household split AC system.

I am struggling through this and slowly getting it. But I find the picture on the box and wire on motor confusing!

I have a new capacitor rated at 5 mfd same as motor.

If I am reading this right the rotation is CCWLE black to black white to white, I need CWLE black to white and white to black. On the box it looks like this is done with a plug. But the "plug" is not a plug but a big hunk of rubber molded onto the wires.

What do I do here?:help: Jim

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It's real simple if fan blade is turning the wrong way that rubber plug pulls apart and you reverse it and the motor will go in the opposite direction
And just a tip. Make sure you pull the black plug out of the bottom of the fan motor. The reason it's there for is water to drain out if any gets in there. Otherwise you will be replacing it again. Your two brown wires go to the capacitor and your black and white wires go directly to 220volts.
also be a good idea to take a zip tie and attach that plug to the grill so it won't sag and hit the blade at a later date. I try to hide them when I can but it doesn't always work out
The white wire is actually the same as the brown wire with the white stripe. Usually when I change a motor I put a new capacitor in for the fan and I put the both brown wires to the capacitor and I wire the power leads directly to the contactor. The way you are wiring it is different but it is fine as long as your old capacitor is good and the correct value (mfd).
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Thank you very much, greatly appreciated. I seemed to stay confused on this one, maybe I am getting too old?

I plugged it in and we got cool air, no smoke, no sparks, life is good.

If you get to SW FL, dinner is on me. Jim
Headed to Eustis in two weeks lol
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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